The 12 Reasons to Take Vivix

Vivix, the most 'expensive' supplement from all Shaklee range products that been brought in Malaysia since 2008. Eventhough it is a bit pricey, more and more people now aware that the benefits of Vivix is really good.

Vivix was very known with resveratrol, the one that helps and improve the individual health when it is consumed.

Not only is Vivix made from Resveratrol, but it is also made from the "Super" Muscadine Grape  the only grape to have an extra chromosome. Scientist strongly believe that is what enhances its polyphenol benefits on people.


The Polyphenols.
1. help protect and repair your cellular DNA
2. enhance your genetic regulators
3. promote your mitochondria biogenesis
4. slow your (AGE) protein formation

And Vivix has also shown to help. 

5. support heart health and cardiovascular health
6. support brain health
7. support your immune health
8. support your joint health
9. promote your cellular longevity
10. increase your cellular energy
11. supply antioxidants that fight free radicals
12. promote overall good health and well being

Well, it is truly not a too good to be true. You can only feel the benefits when you try it yourself.
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