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    Saya sangat tertarik dengan artikel yang saya jumpa tadi. Ianya tentang mengapa seorang doktor boleh jatuh cinta dan terlibat dengan Shaklee. 

    Dr McManus adalah seorang doktor yang bertanggungjawab bagi memastikan amalan terbaik dalam penyelidikan klinikal, reka bentuk saintifik, pembangunan produk, dan penyampaian produk. 

    Jom kita baca apa yang membuatkan Dr McManus tertarik dengan Shaklee.



    Dear Friend,

    Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Shaklee. As Chairman of Medical Affairs, Health Sciences, and Education, I believe Shaklee products-and the quality and science behind them-are unmatched in the industry. I’d like to share with you why I decided to be part of this wonderful 52-year-old company.

    I chose a career in medicine because I believe in health. My 16 years as a practicing family physician led me to believe even more strongly in the concept of preventive health. Yet within the office setting, I was often frustrated. I wanted to really impact that process for people, yet the majority of office visit time is spent in treatment-related activities. While treatment is essential, vast numbers of people are seeing their doctors for fully preventable conditions. With the proper information, these patients might have avoided those conditions altogether!

    My passion lies in informing and inspiring people to take full responsibility for their health so they can work toward preventing conditions that are related to diet and lifestyle choices. Ten years ago I decided to devote full-time energy to this pursuit. Since then, I’ve spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in 45 countries. I’ve met people who are excited about prevention and excited about achieving and maintaining optimum health. I find it amazingly rewarding!

    I joined Shaklee and Roger Barnett’s executive team because I saw the company really cared about doing the right thing-no matter what the cost. Here was a company truly committed to providing the highest quality products possible, based upon relevant science and natural ingredients. I was most impressed with the 100-plus scientific publications about Shaklee products-70 in good peer-reviewed journals. (There is no requirement for companies in our industry to publish any clinical studies, and most companies do not.) The Shaklee Health Science team is charged with clinical research, claims substantiation, and education-I took over the Health Sciences reins with a fresh commitment to this scientific and educational purpose.

    What really makes this company stand apart from the rest? It begins with the products:

    1) Each product is designed to provide a specific, important health benefit-usually more than one benefit.
    2) Each product is formulated with nutritional ingredients that have been extensively studied to confirm safety and efficacy. Our products do not follow trends, but incorporate scientific and/or epidemiologic evidence of need and benefit.

    3) The nutritional ingredients used in the products are the form of the ingredient and the amount that has been studied.

    4) All ingredients undergo scrutiny from the standpoint of the Shaklee philosophy, as well as scrutiny of the safety of all raw materials and relevant potency of all dietary ingredients. Shaklee has an unwavering commitment to avoid the use of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. We use non-genetically modified soy protein. Our Shaklee scientists reconfirm the potency of all dietary ingredients-and we retest for contaminants, including lead and heavy metals, pesticides, and more. Many companies accept the C of A (Certificate of Analysis) provided by the raw material provider-we go beyond that.

    5) We have developed advanced delivery systems to enhance bioavailability and improve tolerance of hard-to-digest nutrients-and we do follow-up clinical testing to confirm that we are correct!

    6) Manufacturers are also carefully chosen. Not just any company can qualify to manufacture Shaklee products. Shaklee has long followed many of the standards for manufacturing that are now included in what are referred to as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

    7) Shaklee Quality Assurance routinely visits manufacturers to confirm our standards are being met. Our onsite lab in Hayward and selected outside labs reconfirm!

    8) Ongoing proof of our product performance: • 70 studies published in peer-reviewed journals • Additional 30+ presentations at scientific meetings • Shaklee products powering medal-winning athletes • Shaklee products fueling world explorers • Special rehydration product (called Astro-Ade) made for NASA Shuttle astronauts since 1993 • Over 2 million pounds lost by Cinch™ users • Get Clean®: Nontoxic and natural household cleaning choices-that truly perform! • A growing group of health care professionals who recommend Shaklee products to their patients • Amazing health stories regarding health benefits from our products sent to me every day!
    I am proud to be a part of this company. One of my most important missions is to redefine wellness to include dietary and lifestyle education with weight management products, appropriate dietary supplements, and skin care products and to provide the support that will truly make a difference for people. But I cannot do it alone-that’s why I am honored to be partners with our Shaklee Distributors, our Home Office team, and all who are taking the time to “share Shaklee” with friends, family, and neighbors. Together, I am certain we can make a big difference.

    Be well,
    Dr. Jamie McManus, M.D., FAAFPChairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences & EducationShaklee Corporation

    Source : HealthMotivators 

    Jadi, jangan pernah ragu tentang produk Shaklee yang memang dibuat atas dasar benar-benar mahu membantu manusia untuk mendapat yang terbaik tanpa mengira kosnya

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