Vitamin Untuk Pesakit Thalassemia

Kita sambung lagi cerita tentang penyakit Thalassemia. Jika dalam entry KENALI PENYAKIT THALASSEMIA, saya ceritakan secara panjang apakah ia, sekarang mari kita baca vitamin atau suplemen Shaklee yang mana yang sesuai untuk pesakit Thalassemia.

Menurut diskusi yang dijalankan di forum Thalassemia Patients & Friends,  beberapa vitamin yang didapati paling sesuai untuk diambil oleh pesakit Thalassemia adalah seperti berikut;

Vitamin E  400iu.  Natural source preferred. d-alpha tocopherol (not dl-alpha). If possible, use mixed tocopherols. (Vitamin E is a blood thinner, which is a good thing for most people. However, if you are taking a blood thinner such as warfarin or coumadin, tell your doctor you are taking vitamin E as your dosage of the blood thinning drug may need to be adjusted downward).

Folic Acid 1000-10,000 mcg (micrograms). 1000 = 1 mg This is recommended for all thalasemia patients.

B-Complex. The B vitamins help protect the body against stress and are important for many basic functions. B vitamins are water soluble and do not last long in the body. It is important to replace them on a regular (daily) basis. Adequate amounts of vitamin B-12 are essential. B-12, as all B vitamins is water soluble and amounts ranging from 100-1500 mcg daily are advised.

Calcium  1000-1500 mg plus 500-1000 mg magnesium plus Vitamin D 1000-5000 iu ( all work together to maintain bone growth and heart function). Calcium taken alone is inadequate and can also lead to problems affecting the heart. It must be balanced with magnesium, as they work together in the heart beat, and an imbalance can lead to heart palpitations. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium.

Zinc 15-50 mg

Vitamin C 100-250 mg taken with desferal (helps more iron to be excreted). Do NOT take more than 250 mg daily if thal. Too much iron can be freed into the bloodstream where it can cause clumping in the heart, causing lowered heart function. Vitamin C has not been studied with other chelators so it's combination effect is not known. Do we have any members on kelfer or ferriprox who can tell us their own experience using Vitamin C?
Dan berikut adalah produk Shaklee yang sememangnya mampu memenuhi keperluan dan dos vitamin pesakit Thalassemia.

AMARAN : Pesakit Thalassemia tidak boleh mengambil Vitalea Iron Formula.

Hubungi saya untuk konsultasi produk dan pesanan vitamin.

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